English summary

Presentation of Drottningmottagningen

Welcome to Drottningmottagningen, a breast diagnostics clinic for quick and reliable investigation of symptoms of breast cancer. We also offer second opinion.

We are located in the city centre of Stockholm, together with Unilabs’ mammography department. All our Physicians are specialist doctors with extensive experience in breast diagnostics and breast cancer.

Our concept is built on the idea to do all necessary measures at the same first visit: a thorough physical examination by an Oncologist followed by mammography and/or ultrasound. If a biopsy is needed, for Pathology analysis or emptying a breast cyst, that will also be done at the same first visit.

The total time for the diagnostic procedures is 1-2 hours.

The majority can leave the clinic with a clear diagnosis. In case of a biopsy taken for Pathology, it needs to be sent to a lab for analysis. The Pathology report reaches the Oncologist within 3-7 days, why an appointment for delivering the results needs to be agreed on, before leaving the clinic.

The time for an appointment can be booked within a week from first contact.

Our concept reduces the investigation time and worries for you as a patient.

For more information, email info@drottningmottagningen.se